Book Review: Dreaming of Rose by Sarah LeFanu

Just this week a group of friends and I were discussing the reason we read. Since then it has occurred to me that my answer was missing one vital element. I read because I am nosey. I want to know what it is that makes people tick, what is behind the decisions they make. In short I want to know their secrets.

So being given the chance to read and review Dreaming of Rose : A Biographer ‘s Journal by Sarah LeFanu was an absolute gift. A gift of a chance to see into the lives and minds of not just one great writer but two!

In 2003 Sarah LaFanu published her biography of 20th Century author Rose Macaulay. During the period of her research and writing thoughts of Rose, unsurprisingly came to inhabit her head and somewhat overtake her life. First published in 2013 Dreaming of Rose is the story of what it took to create such an accomplished biography and the trial LeFau went through to get there.

This is a glimpse of one writer trying to pin another to the page. Through the pages of Sarah LeFanu’s journal we are able to both witness and share in the triumphs and despair born of hours of research. The frustrations of contacts who seem willing to talk but then mysteriously clam up and the difficulties of prizing fact from fiction, a little more each day.

Throughout this time, when money is tight and work on the biography is somehow fitted in between writing for the BBC and teaching, Sarah is determined to find and represent the true Rose. However frustrating and difficult that maybe.

The journal is a window on her world, a fascinating insight into how a book morphs into being. Of the process and the doubts, of agonies around structure and tone and the sweet joy when something sits just right.

This book has so much to say on so many levels. It’s is testament to the work ethic, creativity and determination of two great female writers, and my heartfelt thanks to Handheld Press for sending a gifted copy my way.

Rachel x

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