LATEST RELEASE- Publication day 2nd July 2022.

Thrilled to announce that my debut Flash Fiction Collection Oh I Do Like To Be will be published by Alien Buddha Press on 2nd July 2022

Oh I Do Like To Be… is collection that first came about by accident. It was born as I felt my way back to writing after a break of many years. It was the product of the fact that I finally stopped worrying what to write about and just started to listen to the words. 

Allowing myself to start with the phrases, with the words and ideas that popped into and the floated through my mind. I learnt how to catch them, hold them without judgement; let them settle and let them grow. 

I started to trust in the things that found, the ideas my brain churned out when I was falling asleep. I started to trust once again in me.

After a while I had a bank of writing and when I looked closely there were two dominant threads running through its core.

The lives of women and the touch of the sea. 

Over the past year these stories and their characters have formed a village in my mind. Some of the stories are linked, some stand completely alone; but whatever their form is time to let them go and let them have maybe just a short while to breathe. 

Thank you for listening and thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy Oh I Do Like To Be

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