Book Review: Insatiable by Daisy Buchanan

Want a book with the wow factor? Something that is just going to pop on your reading palette? Then look no further than Insatiable by Daisy Buchanan! Published today by Sphere this book pushes all the boundaries and then some more.

Huge thanks to Millie Seaward for my gifted copy and the chance to read and review.

Violet is young, working for a start up art business and dreaming of bigger things. She is also reeling from a broken engagement and the fallout surrounding this. Without good friends or a supportive family, Violet feels like her life is going nowhere. Her self esteem is at rock bottom and her sexual encounters are unfulfilling at best.

A chance meeting at an art event with a woman who is everything Violet aspires to be seems to be the key to changing her life. Lottie, the woman in question and Simon her equally perfect husband offer Violet a job, a new lifestyle and so much more.

Through Simon and Lottie, Violet encounters the world of high class sex parties. But is this part of her sexual awakening, or hopeless, dark exploitation? Or some shade of both?

Violet’s story is an exploration of female desire, of what happens when boundaries are pushed and news worlds open up. There is both a strange air of empowerment and vulnerability in Violet’s story as her need and longing to be both desired and loved is laid bare. Through her rollercoaster of experiences Violet begins to realise that the two things are sometimes worlds apart.

Over the past year I have encountered a fair few ‘devour in a day’ books. Insatiable was a devour in an evening book. This is the kind of the book that makes the rest of life fade into the background, while the story bursts into your consciousness with an explosion of light and colour. A plot that races ahead of your brain, characters so alive you can touch them, this novel will provoke all kinds of emotions in the space of minutes.

It’s a novel full of humour, full of life, love and sex. In short it’s brimful of everything!!!

Rachel x

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