Blog Tour Review : Duality by K.J. McGillick

Today it is my turn on the blog tour for Duality by K.J. McGillick. Many thanks to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity to read, review and join the tour.

Sometimes only a good thriller is going to hit the spot, something fast paced and intriguing; a story line to keep you guessing right to the last chapter.

And Duality ticks all the books and more.

Let me introduce you to Mr Martin. Quiet, socially awkward and precise, Art Historian and Lawyer. When he calls his colleague Mary Cormier in small hours of the morning it is to report that he has found his ex wife Melinda Martin, an art restoration expert dead.

Mary, a 90 year old like no other (!) has absolutely no doubt that Mr Martin is entirely innocent and is prepared to put the reputation of both her firm and legal colleagues on the line to prove it.

But when another dead women, again connected to Mr Martin, is found things are suddenly far from certain.

 Add to the mix that the painting Melinda Martin was working on is reputed to be a lost Botticelli masterpiece thought to have perished as part of Savonarola’s Bonfire of the Vanities, a painting that may have ties to the occult and could be worth millions.

The police have Mr Martin in the frame, particularly when a passport bearing his image, but name of an international art forger and thief turns up at the crime scene.

 So where is this priceless painting now?

And is Mr Martin who he claims to be, a bumbling but brilliant academic and lawyer or is he Giuseppe Balestruccio, a sociopath forger with mysterious ties to the Vatican?

 This is a thriller which will take Mary and her team across the globe, from the USA, to both Florence and Rome. With a cast of colourful and unpredictable characters, we are wrapped up in a fast paced plot where anything seems possible.

Links to the Vatican and the underworld of Rome add a level of mystery which span the centuries taking in both the Catholic Church and the occult. Until almost the last page it is impossible to see where the truth lies.

Is Mary right to stick by her man? Or will Mr Martin surprise them all?

About the author…

Kathleen McGillick is a practising attorney. Having grown up in New York, she has lived for the past 33 years on Georgia. Her career has taken in Nursing as well as Law.

Kathleen is a Mother, Grandmother and seasoned traveller.

And it goes without saying that she writes a cracking thriller.

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The blog tour for Duality continues with these fantastic bloggers. Check out their thought on the book by following the details below.


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