Blog Tour: Book review of Control by Hugh Montgomery

Today is my turn on the blog tour for the spine tingling thriller that is Control by Hugh Montgomery. Many thanks to Tracy Fenton of Compulsive Readers for inviting me along. Without further ado, on to the book..

About the book…

When dedicated Junior Doctor Kash Devan begins his rotation at the Victory hospital nothing could prepare him for the roller coaster ride. The things that Dr Devan will see and do and the decisions he will have to make will take him far beyond the every day grind of the wards. And change his life forever…

Consultant surgeon Mr Trenchard inspires respect and awe across the hospital. His charm and brilliance is legendary and never in doubt. From his first encounter Kash is dazzled by the older medic’s skill and flair.

And yet there are darker undertones that seem to follow the man. Not everyone is quite as smitten as Kash. Is there something sinister about the good doctor? What is left unspoken?

Normal hospital life is turned upside down when Trenchard is found unresponsive in his office one night. The scene has all the hall marks of an erotic game gone wrong and Trenchard is left brain dead, his reputation ruined and the air alive with gossip.

But is everything as it first seems?

For the quiet but astute Doctor Devan something just doesn’t quite add up. Who, for example put out the crash call? Who is the mysterious woman who has been seen visiting Trenchard, complete with younger man in tow? Why is there evidence of further harm to his patient?

And more importantly is Trenchard’s mind as damaged as it seems? Surely a brilliant mind isn’t so easily snuffed out? Or could he hold the key to his own fate, and if so can Devan unlock it in time?

But more importantly should he?

This is a novel full of questions. Questions about timing, motive, character and past. Questions all woven together to form a tangled web of dark intrigue where no one is above suspicion and nothing is ever quite as it seems. There are suspects abound, as it becomes clearer that more than one person has reason to wish Trenchard harm.

But it is a novel with a solid foundation in authenticity and impeccable knowledge. There is an well drawn sense of place and it’s setting is vivid in the mind’s eye. The addition to detail is apparent from the start and it grounds the events in an uncomfortable reality, which makes its unfolding events even more chilling.

With a well paced plot and believable dialogue, this is a snappy and intriguing thriller that will keep you guessing right up to the last sentence.

About the author

Hugh Montgomery is a distinguished physician, known for his pioneering genetic research.  Outside the field of medicine, he was a founding member of the UK Climate and Health Council and is an endurance expert, who has run three ultra-marathons, scaled the world’s sixth highest mountain, jumped naked from a plane at 14,000 ft and holds the world record for underwater piano playing. Zaffre, Bonnier Books UK’s flagship adult fiction imprint, will publish Control in August 2019.

And there is more…

For more reviews of, and reactions to Control check out the rest of the blog tour.

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