Book review: Jane’s Country Year by Malcolm Saville

What the blurb says…

Malcolm Saville’s classic novel from 1946 is about eleven-year old Jane’s discovery of nature and country life during a year spent convalescing on her uncle’s farm, after having been ill in post-war London. Moor End Farm is based on a farm in Wheathamstead, Herts, where Saville had lived.

This deeply-felt novel was written while Saville was extending his range as a writer, alongside his very successful Lone Pine adventure series, and nature anthologies for children. Inspired by the experiences of Saville’s own god-daughter, this marvellous novel is full of the wonder of discovery, as well the happiness of regaining health, making friends, and learning to love the natural world.

What do I say…

This is a book of gentle proportions. A book that calms frayed nerves and soothes the soul.

It is a book without edges; a book with rounded corners and the most beautiful soul.

The story of Jane and her year of discovery, is the balm I needed in this dark end of the year. Each chapter spans a month. Each chapter is like peeling back a window on nature, each turning page a new discovery.

This book might be written for children but it’s appeal is universal. It takes the reader by the hand, throws you your wellies and says come with me. It is a feast for the senses and a gentle rest for the brain.

It’s think therapy on the page.

Rachel x